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Product Dimensions: 14x2.5 CM


Our OLYWUD products are produced from 100% olive wood.

Patterns and colors of each product may vary because solid wood is used.


No chemical polish is used on the products.

It is kept for 24 hours with the special olive oil of the region where the trees are located.


We care about the environment. The trees we use in our production are used from annual youth pruning.


The product image is an example. Each product varies in pattern and color tone as natural wood is used.


Terms of use;
-Do not leave the products in water.
-Do not wash in the dishwasher.
-When surface care is required, apply any olive oil with cotton to ensure complete renewal.
It will be enough for you.

Nevada Honey Spoon

Fiyat585,53 ₺ ve üzeri
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